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Custom Stringed Instruments

From Luthier Michael King

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 About the Compositions

Each one of our compositions is an individual design and build experience. There is no list of models or body designs to choose from other then our basic template.  With the exception of the hand wound pickups, body shape and headstock shape each composition becomes a very individual project. There is only your concept interpreted through our compositional eye.  I encourage anyone interested in commissioning a composition to ask questions and explore our work through the site and also thorough our Instagram account. Maybe You will find an instrument that would be so cool if only it had this added, or maybe that left off! 

Materials and the Environment

We care about the environment, but we want to make cool instruments too!  So how do we approach this ?  We use responsibly sourced and reclaimed Douglas Fir, Maple, Pine, Oak and Cherry.  All of our primary build woods are a minimum of 60 years old and always hand selected. We have a very small supply of fingerboard rosewood left for request. However, we can’t ship any composition that includes the use of rosewood outside the United States due to new regulations.


Once we have used up what is left of our rosewood, we will not be using anymore. We are currently seeking an environmentally responsible alternative. 



Another area of concern is Finishing.  Spraying Lacquer paint is out for us!  But you can still have the same look and feel, but with an added durability using water base finish.  All of the finishes on our compositions are water base and non toxic. Who says you can’t do cool classic style finishes and be kind to the environment too!


Cowbrand Design is the team of Michael and Naomi. We are both Graphic Artist / Luthiers.


Michael:  A full-time Luthier for 17 years holding several warranty repair certifications from major guitar manufactures.  apprenticeship at  Knilling Violin  shop in the late eighties early nineties.  Worked in several well known repair departments and also built Archtop guitars before returning to school to study Graphic Design.  After completing the course of study, began to combine these skills to create the work that you will find here at Cowbrand Design.

Naomi:  Background in Floral arranging and design as well as having studied Graphic Design.  Has been apprenticing with Michael for the last three years.

On the site!

Some of our compositions are available to purchase and others are commissioned works. Over time we will be filling our gallery section with more completed works. Please check back regularly to see our newest projects. I think you will find that we like to have fun with our builds! If you have an idea for a composition, we are all ears. lets discuss it.  Please use the contact page to inquire about available compositions or to commission an instrument.  drop us a line and we will get back to you.


We look forward to working with you, 

Michael & Naomi

Contact Us

Would you like like to get some info?  Or mabe you have a question for us?   Please send us an e mail using the form to the right. We answer all mail in the order that it is recieved.  It may take a few days for a reply, but we answer all our mail.

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