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ELMER Lite sp o3

standard Poplar

"Burnt Toast"



The Burnt Toast is a non commission build that I have wanted to make for a while. It’s an Elmer Lite model with a single color-tone burst. It was shot with a water base tobacco stain, topped with a water base satin clear coat finish. While most sunburst finishes are made up of 2 or 3 colors, I really like this single color flavor of this sunburst finish. This is where it gets it name.  Burnt Toast also represents an opportunity for me to create an instrument with a bit of Wabi Sabi infused flavor in the wood choice as well. I have always loved the Malt-O-Meal swirl look found in the poplar body wood I love to use.  Also there are small tell tell signs of the wood working of the poplar that I left in the build. This also adds to the cool look of this guitar.  The Satin top coat was the only choice to complete the finish on this guitar. It adds to the overall  aesthetic.


Also new to this Elmer Model guitar is 3 way coil selector switch option that is  now available to replace the blend (fader) control. The switch is capped with an oversized in-house cast resin cast switch tip.  It’s much easier to access than the typical smaller switch tip. It looks a lot cooler too! 


This guitar is one of 3 non-commission guitars built over a year in-between my commissions. 

I receive lots of correspondence about available instruments for purchase. So this instrument represents an opportunity to purchase one of my instrument without the long wait time. It is available to purchase. It will ship 2 to 3 weeks after deposit is made.  There are a few options for this guitar that will be made available to the new owner at purchase time.  Depending on the choices, the shipping time will be given.


Contact me for price + shipping cost and other details.

Body:  Cherry top / Poplar Back, Chambered with single ply ivoroid binding
Neck: 3 piece Maple.  
Fretboard: Wenge.
Bridge: Cowbrand ST Intonation
Finish: Water Base
Scale: 23.5"
Pickups: scatter wound single coil blade (bridge) / scatter wound single coil pole piece (neck)
Controls: Volume / Blend / Tone with push - pull bright
Width at nut:  1.79
Width at 12th: 2.03
Weight: 6 pounds
Finish: Water base lacquer
Color: Basil Green fade
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