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Inspired by pickups from the golden age of the electric guitar,  

we designed The O/F (Organic Form) signature pickup to flow with our guitar design while providing a classic sound with a unique retro appearance.  Like the guitar cases we make, the O/F pickup is also part of the continuation of our guitar design perspective.

• Each O/F pickup is assembled of hand cut  parts.


• Pickup materials range from clear acrylic, and aluminum to 3D printed  in PLA (Poly Lactic Acid).

• We wind each pickup by hand in our shop.  Also I am always experimenting with new magnets            and different windings and wire gauges as well.

In the past, we have been asked about the availability of the O/F pickup separately.

Because of the amount of energy and time that goes into each and every pickup I make, at this time, it is only available in our compositions

Pole piece:

Traditional Single Coil pole piece model. Bobbin is 3D printed in PLA. A very traditional american 1950s sound. Can be over wound for a bit more bite if you like.


Hand wound pickup. Bobbin is 3D printed in PLA.  One of my favorites when wound for 50s twangy type tone. A very versatile design.

The Flat Blade:

has the flavor of the old discount house brand guitar pickups of the 50s and 60s. Bobbin is 3D printed in PLA. Has a low profile with a wider string sensing aperture. Fat single coil tone for days!!

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