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The Imposter


A few years ago a client brought his Silvertone / Danelectro to me and wanted to know if I could do anything with the neck profile and fret work.  To make a long story a bit shorter, I wound up making him a very functional replica replacement neck!  The new neck was made as a five piece. I used Maple with Walnut skunk stripes. Also included was a double action truss rod and a set of very nice tuning machines.  A year later he brought it back because the body was literally falling apart. My solution was to make a more sturdy version of the body as well. The new body I created is a lot like the old one in that it is also a hollow three piece body consisting of a pine frame with a top and back cut from laminated Birch. The original Dano body is a pine frame as well, but has a Masonite top and back.  Also the hip new pickguard was fashioned from crystal clear acrylic, but was fashioned Masonite on the original guardl. The only original part left, was the bridge! The  project was spotted on my instagram, and I was contacted by Zamm Guitar parts who donated a wonderful Danelectro reproduction bridge with a better intonation ability.  Bet you are wondering about the pickup?  The owner requested one of my surface mount pickups. This decision was based on his prior experience with them on one of his other guitars.   I must admit, it looks nothing like a Dano Lipstick pickup, but it has a sound that a blindfold test couldn't tell, all but for a bit more bottom end.  Also the new pickup needs no hole cut in top for mounting.


We also finished it in the origin paint scheme as the original. 

The little Dano replica look spot on until you notice the pickup, and that is still just as retro hip!!

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