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So I got a message from the extra cool master furniture designer/ master craftsman and owner of Goebel_co_furniture Martin Goebel that he had found and acquired some amazing unused WWII aircraft grade poplar that had been stored at an old airport hanger for many, many years. It was part of an inventory to be used in airplane wing construction way back in the day. This wood had to meet a very high U.S Government standard in order to be useful for their purposes. It is to me the thing of folklore. Martin sent along some photos and my jaw dropped, but when he said come and get enough to build a guitar, my jaw hit the floor.  Well I surely grabbed it!  I can't believe the tone of this huge slab. And also the grain!  Is this what real poplar is about.  Folks just don't know! I'm in love! I get why these giant boards were reserved for making airplanes. Not sure of  what instrument I will craft from it yet, but it's close to my hart. You see, my grandfather was an electronics technician and also an aircraft mechanic during WWII. He served in the Navy working on Corsairs. His son, my uncle is a pilot and I routinely flew with him before he moved to AZ to retire and enjoy life. To this day he still lives and breaths aircraft and I can't wait to show him this amazing piece of aircraft history with this awesome ink stamp that will tie into my love of hand crafted string instrument making. Now to come up with just the proper build for this board! 


I, along with the Goebel Custom Furniture Designers are pleased to also offer other interested builders the opportunity to build an instrument with some of this limited amazing tone wood too.


Hey,If you are a fan of the catalog brand guitars mostly made in Chicago, you really  gotta get a piece!  When it’s gone, it’s gone!


Get in touch for pricing. When requesting a piece (pieces) It can be processed to your specs.

Also Top laminates are available  upon request. 


For technical questions related to guitar making with this poplar, contact us through the site.  

For info on processing options, you can contact Martin at Goebel directly .  

I have plans to create an on line registry of instruments made with this limited poplar in the future.  If you are interested in having your instrument include, please contacted me.

Email for more photos and info

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