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Giulietta Jazzett

The Giulietta Jazz was my nod to jazz boxes of the golden age, but with a bit of a twist.


The Giulietta is a short scale small guitar with a big sound. I have made several, but one that has escaped me for so long was this ebony colored model that I have named The Jazzett.


In the spring of 2020, I received a call from Paul.  He was very curious about the Giulietta composition. I informed him the run on this model was nearing end.  This was because the vintage wood supply that its based on was almost gone.  However, after he proposed a color concept for a built, I simply replied, “ l gotta build it! ”  Here is the result.  It's, the last of the vintage wood.  It features one of my newly designed aluminum bridges with brass saddles and wooden base,  a freshly designed overwound pickup.  Also I created a milled aluminum and acrylic tailpiece as well.  Top this all off with this 1940s deco elegant ebony water base finish and Wow!! 


Check the featured guitar section for more history info on the original Giulietta Jazz 

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