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Giulietta Jazz
Model :

There is something about the cool sound of Vinyl records on a turntable, especially when its Grant Green, Joe Pass or Wes Montgomery. This to me is true analog JAZZ.  At some point we decided that we wanted to incorporate that sound into our guitar design, but it had to also be based on our short scale concept.  Also, we wanted it to incorporate our favorite reclaimed woods of choice.. Douglas Fir, and Pine.  Lastly, we are big fans of 1960’s industrial design, especially myself!  I love european automobile design. It was decided that for this guitar, we would incorporate a bit of these elements as well.  

The Giulietta Jazz was born! It is a short scale hollow instrument with a top of 100 year Douglas Fir. The core is made from 100 year old pine reclaimed from a building here in our south city area. Neck and back are made from premium grade maple. From its Ebony wood bridge, to it’s  Acrylic tail piece and pickup bezels The look is a blend of old school traditional archtop meets atomic age cool.

Originally the Giulietta was suppose to be 1 of 1,  but because the response has been very good, we have decided to try to stretch a limited number of additional  builds out of the very limited materials left after building the first Giulietta. The site will be  continually updated to reflect the availability status. 

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