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A few of the creative and inspirational artist and builders that inspire our work. 

If you want a glimpse into a possible future of the craft of stringed instrument making, Jean-Yevs Alquier is not to be missed.  His amazing work has grabbed my attention and has not let go yet!  Wait until you see what his sustainable material of choice is!

A very refreshing design and execution of the current state of the guitar. I think maybe some of Florian Schneider's work will become a standard  in the guitar building community.    And it is about time!

Nicolai Schorr's work has that element of retro magic that keeps me excited about the innovation that was happening far from the doors of the more common names associated with electric guitar making in the 50's and 60's and how fresh it is today.   I can only imagine where he is  headed in the near future.

This 3 person building team based in Japan, knocking it out of the park!  So amazing!!

Now these are the guys that got folks to pay attention to the DeArmond Golden tone pickups used in so many Harmony guitars of the late 50's through the 60s. The  replicas they produce are exclusively for the meticulously hand crafted instruments they build.  They are the BOMB!

I have been a fan of the artist Freehand Profit some years now.  No, he does not make guitars!  He makes masks. What kind and from what?  Have a look!  I look forward to each of the works that he rolls out.  They never fail  to blow my mind.

Just some of the coolest Tele style guitars under the sun!  I love the  use of aluminum, plastic and screen in his work.  Check his pickups! So, so cool!!

Only the coolest 3D printers on the planet! This is the one in our shop. If you are at all interested in 3D design and printing, this is the source!  They also have the largest community of users as well.  

My fave fX builder.  I love his no knob series.  My personal favorite "Orange Whip" is on point for that Dan Armstrong flavor compression!   Check them out!!

If I could own one other resonator guitar, this would be it! Naomi and I are huge fans of his work!!

Mike Sankey is another big inspiration for us.  His Work has a very natural and sophisticated minimalist quality that commands attention. We are in anticipation  of what is next to come from his work bench.  A very fresh luthier not to be missed!!

I will be adding to this list as I discover more exciting new creatives

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