THE Limited Pickup offer


am often asked if my pickups are available separate form my compositions. Because each and every one is hand made from the ground up, it’s a bit tough to do this on a regular basis.  So at least once a year I like to focus on just making some pickups sets to offer to those interested in getting a set.  That time is here!  I will be putting together a cue for folks interested in getting a set.


If you are interested, drop me an email from the contact page.  Once I have 6 interested people, I will close the page and contact each person to discuss details of your  particular wind, insert and cover choices.  If needed, I will even email some photos to help with the choices.


There are some cool options available.   


I will start winding and shipping the sets in January of 2021. 


The cost of each set will be $250. Plus shipping with standard brushed or polished aluminum.  Brass covers are also available, but please contact me for a current price.  


A deposit of $62.50 is required to be placed in cue. an estimated  4 to 6 weeks from deposit time to to shipping.  

Please email your question too!


I only get to do this once a year, so don’t sleep on your chance to get a set!

Get in touch.   contact page

Starting Basic Pickup Info

                                              Neck                                Bridge



Coils                                   Single                                 Single


Magnet Type                    AlNiCo 5 rod                    AlNiCo 2 bar


Number of  Turns                6500                                   7100


Polarity                             South up                           South up  


Wire gauge                          #43                                    #43


Beginning lead color         Black                                 Black

Cover options available

Sorry! No more pickup slots available.