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THE Limited Pickup offer

  Now closed for 2022


am often asked if my pickups are available separate form my compositions. Because each and every one is hand made from the ground up, it’s a bit tough to do this on a regular basis.  So at least once a year I like to focus on just making some pickups sets to offer to those interested in getting a set.  That time is here!  I will be putting together a cue for folks interested in getting a set.


If you are interested, drop me an email from the contact page.  Once I have 7 interested people, I will close the page and contact each person to discuss details of your  particular wind, insert and cover choices.  If needed, I will even email some photos to help with the choices.


There are some cool options available.   


I will start winding and shipping the sets in February  of 2022 


The cost of each set will be $300. Plus shipping with standard brushed or polished aluminum.  Brass covers are also available, but please contact me for a current price.  


A deposit of $62.50 is required to be placed in cue.  An estimated  4 to 6 weeks from deposit time to to shipping.  

Please email your question too!


I only get to do this once a year, so don’t sleep on your chance to get a set!

Get in touch.   contact page

Starting Basic Pickup Info

                                              Neck                                Bridge



Coils                                   Single                                 Single


Magnet Type                    AlNiCo 5 rod                    AlNiCo 2 or 5 bar


Number of  Turns                6500                                   7100


Polarity                             South up                           South up  


Wire gauge                          #43                                    #43


Beginning lead color         Black                                 Black

Cover options available

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