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Mariana Trench Edition  1 of 1


The Anglerfishh model is my tribute to the T style guitar of the 50s and 60s.  I was very particular about the design and placement of the two wound for position signature cowbrand pickups.  Also, I spent some time designing a bridge that perfectly mates with the pickups for saddle proximity. The bridge is also mated with a string block guide on the back of the guitar. Both are milled from duralumin with the bridge saddles being milled from hardened brass.    I absolutely Love the sound of this model.    One of the coolest I have designed!!

This is a limited to one of one composition.



Mono Sleeve Bag / Case

Ernie Ball Electric guitar cord

Two sets of interchangeable Hipshot tuner buttons  ( Keystone and industrial )

Special cotton polishing cloth. 

Acrylic owner Data plate 

Custom infused ink signature Tee


Please note: Instrument ships 2 weeks after purchase.  This allows   us to make all custom adjustments as prefrenced by the owner.  

My latest composition once again draws from my sense of adventure and science fiction cool of the1960s.  It wasn’t just rocket ships and space stations!  Another fascinating genre that I was completely in love with as a kid, was the undersea.   Shows like Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Hanna Barbera’s Sea Lab 2020 were tuned into weekly without fail.  Also movies like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, “Hello Down There” and also the Voyage to the bottom of the Sea movie got repeated viewings.  


It's my fond memories of these shows that inspired this 1 of 1 themed Anglerfish model. 

I have incorporate a few fun elements into this cool guitar!

The bright green finish is inspired by film director / undersea explorer  James Cameron’s Deep water submersible  “Deep Sea Challenger DCV”.  The Deep Sea Challenger has actually been down in the Deepest part of the Mariana Trench known as the Challenger Deep.


I have also added my Anglerfish graphic to the front along with the maximum trench depth measured out in fathoms.  So cool!


One of my favorite features on this composition is the “ O.V.C.C”  ( Ocean View Control Cavity ). I decided to have a little fun and create an engraved Anglerfish grounding plate for the bottom of the control cavity along with an overhead beam to screw down a clear acrylic control cavity cover plate with just one screw.

Body: two piece Poplar
Neck:  Maple.  
Fretboard: Maple
Bridge: Cowbrand T style. Aluminum / Brass
Tuners: Hipshot open back 
Color:  Light green
Scale: 23.5"
Pickups: Scatter wound AlNiCo 5  single coil pole piece (bridge) / scatter wound single coil pole piece (neck) 
Controls:  3 way coil Selector  / Volume / Tone 
Width at nut:  1.68
Width at 12th: 2.02
Weight: pounds
Finish: Water base lacquer

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