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Vanilla Bean

Country / Jazz / Blues

AP- 2

No longer available


Why That Name?  Because of the specks of actual vanilla bean in the finish.  I love Vanilla Bean Ice cream so much I thought it would look good on a guitar! So here ya go!  The body is constructed of a vintage Poplar back with a Douglas fir top while the neck is Maple with a Wenge fingerboard. The combination of woods I chose are very complementary to each other. 

With a set of thomastik Swing /Jazz flats, Vanilla Bean sounds amazing shifting from Jazz to Blues to Country and back.


The pickup selector is a blend control rather then a switch.

that allows for varying degrees of  blending between neck and bridge pickup.  Also a tone cut push / pull switch is utilized for jumping from solo to rhythm comping. Just set the tone where you like it and pull up on tone knob to shift to full lead mode. 


Pickups are custom wound AlNiCo surface mount singles. The bridge is a blade and neck pickup is pole piece version.  

Available with a Mono guitar sleeve gig bag.

This is AP-2 of 4 from the vintage poplar series. Full story on this one will be featured on the site blog soon. Stay tuned.

Drop us a line for all the details on ownership of this very cool custom One of  build and also feel free to request more photos. Only 4 poplars will be made form the vintage poplar stock we have!  Once its gone , its gone.   For the the full story on the poplar, read up here 

Body:  Fir / Poplar
with single ply tortoise binding
Neck:  2 piece Maple.  
Fretboard: Wenge.
Bridge: Cowbrand ST Intonation
Finish: Water Base
Scale: 23.5"
Pickups: scatter wound single coil blade (bridge) / scatter wound single coil pole piece (neck)
Controls: Volume / Blend / Tone with push - pull bright
Width at nut:  1.79
Width at 12th: 2.03
Weight: 6 pounds
Finish: Water base lacquer
Color: Vanilla Bean Cream With Real Vanilla Bean specks.
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