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I love the sound of the baritone guitar as it is personified in the  movie westerns of the 1960s.  Whenever The opportunity comes along to build one, I am always super excited and happy to do it.  


The"Mr.Chester" baritone further explores my interest in The baritone guitar sound with some new design perspectives.  On this new design, I have added what I call "Deep Chambering" . This is a reference to  the extensive hollowing to the upper and lower bouts with only the center from neck shelf to tail being solid.  Another first for my baritone guitars is the use of cherry as the top wood as opposed to maple.  I feel this gives it a little more growl without it being to bright. Other new details included are a two-piece bridge system, 3 way switch and a push pull bright switch.

The commissioner of this instrument who normally does not prefer the sunburst finishes requested this "burnt toast" flavored sunburst after seeing it on one of my Elmer Model guitars.   I think its the perfect finish for Mr Chester too!!

The Mr Chester baritone is named after one of my absolute favorite blues singers, Mr Chester Burnett a.k.a Howlin Wolf, who had a big bold sound.  I feel this baritone also has a towering sound as baritone guitars go.


Body: Poplar back / Cherry Top
Neck:  3 Piece Maple 
Fretboard: Wenge
Bridge: 2 Piece Cowbrand Intonation
Finish: Water Base
Scale: 27"
Pickups: scatter wound  single coils
Controls: Volume / Tone with Bright / 3 Way Switch


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