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Each composition is made to order. If you are interested in commissioning an instrument, Get in touch through our contact page and lets discuss your build.  A refundable deposit minus shipping cost will be calculated. (Generally one-fifth the cost of the instrument.)  Another fifth is due at the time the finish is to be applied. The remainder is due upon completion. 


We allow a one week approval. In the event the instrument is to be returned, the commissioner is responsible for return shipping cost.  


( note: instrument must be returned in same condition received )


Our commissions are warrantied against defects and workmanship to the original owner for a period of five years. Each instrument is issued a printed title of ownership.  In the event the instrument changes ownership, the second owner (only) can request a new printed and dated title along with a limited transfer of warranty for a fee.  We reserve the right to repair or replace any faulty parts in our shop.