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intonation bridge

The Cowbrand Design guitar aesthetic is a uniquely fresh approach to the guitar. While remaining somewhat traditional, we like to think our designs are still a very fresh approach.   One of the first things we decided was that we wanted our hardware and pickups to reflect our own interpretation of retro.  So after the design of our pickups and control plate, it was only natural that our bridge reflect the same flavor as well. 


The original Cowbrand bridge consisted of a bridge plate and a movable saddle.  This design worked fairly well, but there was room for more refinement. Soon I was thinking of a similar design with individual saddles, one for each string.  About this time I was contacted by an admirer of our guitars. We discussed many aspects of the guitar design.  Eventually we landed on the hardware. I expressed my desire to do my bridge as a tune-o-matic style bridge. He stated the he could help with that!  


Here is the result!  I must say I am very happy with it. 


The Cowbrand intonation bridge is made from durable aluminum with brass saddles. Each of which has two screw settings for maximum adjustment range. The bridge is anchored using hardened steel cap head bolts into specially designed body studs which I personally designed to work with hardwoods as well as lighter tone woods like Douglas fir and old growth Pine. Another feature of the design is the lateral adjustment.  I have found over the years that depending on the string gauge and player, the tastes for fall-off on either the first or sixth string is a personal prefreince.  No string vibration is lost with this rig either!  The mass of the complete bridge system is not to heavy and not to light.   


The Cowbrand bridge system was designed to be simple and very effective. Especially for some of the newly emerging reclaimed woods being used in boutique guitar building today.

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