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5:10 Yuma Baritone

When we got the offer to make a baritone guitar, we were given only two small request on design. “ I want it vintage amber, and with tortoise binding”.   Done!   Well, with that request, how could we not go old school western?  Besides, it’s headed to a studio in Austin Texas!


The 5:10 Yuma has the spirit of an old school electric guitar with our personal western spin. I thought about the utilitarian design with the added coolness of Western cowboy flavor made famous by pioneering electric guitar maker Paul Bigsby, who is mostly known for his trem systems.  He also made some very cool pedal steels.  


Using inspiration from Mr Bigsby's guitars of the late 40s and 50s, I located and used some reclaimed Birdseye Maple for the top and back while making the core from reclaimed Douglas fir. 

We also wanted to incorporate some aluminum, which shows up in the bridge I designed for it. And also in the base plates and tops of the pickups.  Naomi designed a two piece “ big horn” tortoise pickguard, which totally set it off!  Now if that is not enough, check out the tipping cows head milk splash fingerboard inlays. Also we thought it would be cool to add a custom made leather removable belt buckle scratch pad. Would not want that gun-belt buckle scratching up the back of the guitar! The cherry on top for me was the old school aluminum brand plate affixed to the slotted headstock.  Now toss in the way cool custom tooled leather guitar strap, and you are ready to hit the stage, western style.   


The Name

I chose the name "5:10 Yuma" just because I love westerns and 3:10 to Yuma is in my top 5 underrated cool western movies. It strars Glenn Ford.  If you like westerns, It is a real sleeper.  Not to be missed.  The original that is!

Body: Maple / Fir Maple
Neck:  Maple / Walnut / Maple.  Reclaimed
Fretboard: Macassar ebony
Bridge: Cowbrand Intonation
Finish: Water Base
Scale: 27"
Pickups: scatter wound  single coils
Controls: Volume / Blend / Tone
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