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I have always loved short scale House brand guitars of the 50’s and 60s. It was these guitars that were so prominent in the clubs and on early recordings of the pioneering Chicago electric blues men like Jimmy Reed, Johnny Young and of course, Elmore James. Most were made In Chicago by two well know manufactures, Kay and Harmony.  Through its scale length and over all size, my Polychrome electric draws on the feel and sound of the early true blues guitars! However, the "Polychrome" has a 5 piece neck with an adjustable 2 way truss rod installed. The pickup is a low out-put single coil, loaded with an alnico 5 magnet.  I have also chosen not to wax pot the coil for a small bit of microphincs to add to the raunchy flavor!


Another guitar design I draw lots of inspiration from is the National Triolin Polychrome Resonator guitar of the 30s. The awesome stencil style island scenes have long been a source of inspiration.  Especially the palm trees on the lazy island beach.  I decided to illustrate  it on a mustard yellow polychrome canvas for some serious retro flavor! 


I have always wanted to blend these two elements into something new, but old.


 The cowbrand ploychrome. 

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