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After looking around at cases, it became obvious  I would not find anything that I felt was a continuation of my instruments, It seemed only right to me that I design and build a matching case for each of my compositions as well.  


Made from laminated birch and select lightweight pine,”The Case” is hand made alongside each guitar.  This ensures a custom fit to each of the instruments that I craft. 


I really wanted to keep it old school, so the hardware and covering was important. For covering, I chose durable long lasting amplifier tolex.  Also a very cool long lasting 50s style amp handle is used instead of the funky molded plastic.  The latches are also American made good old fashion steel “Lock Loop Latches”.  We all know the old saying, “They just don't make them like they use too!”  Well, we do!



Henry:   Dark Brown Western motif Tolex

Menton: Brown Alligator motif Tolex

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